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If you have to make some summer gifts or want to treat yourself as a prize for everything you have tried during the year, here we show you 5 original gifts that will triumph wherever you go. Whether you go to the beach, the mountains, the countryside or stay at home, you will want to have these practical products to enjoy your well-deserved vacation. Just think to add a my vanilla card balance card so that there wont be any shortage of cash.

The 5 most popular summer gifts

As we like to share with you all the trends in original gifts and gadgets of the year, in summer it could not be different. These are the 5 most popular summer gifts.

Picnic blanket with speakers

For those great days when you feel like lying down on the grass while enjoying a snack with your partner or friends. This innovative picnic blanket incorporates stereo speakers and a 3.5mm jack input. for you to connect your mobile my vanilla card balance, smartphone or MP3 player and put a soundtrack to an idyllic summer day. It can fit up to 4 people easily in it, it is completely waterproof and does not get wet so you can put it on wet surfaces.

Portable barbecue for balcony

What you cannot afford to do an outdoor barbecue with your colleagues because you live in an apartment? That will never be a problem again. For all those who, due to life circumstances or comfort, have decided to live in the city, this portable balcony barbecue will be the best option for spending the summer. Easy to transport, easy to install on any railing or horizontal bar and very easy to love. It comes with a grill and griddle.

Frisbee / Fli Tunes amplifier

Because you always have to take what is necessary and necessary to the beach this product is made to offer you 2 things that you always miss in the smallest space: your favorite music and classic entertainment to spend hours in the sun. Unfolded is a fun frisbee with which to have a great time while the sun highlights that body that God has given you, and unfolded becomes a practical sounding board that amplifies the sound of any audio device you put inside.

Waterproof iPad case

Since we know that you cannot take off your iPad and even less on vacation, we give you the opportunity that you can take it anywhere without suffering for it. With this waterproof protective case you will be protected from bumps, scratches, falls, dirt, sand, dirt and, best of all, water. Not only resistant to splashes and water jets, with this waterproof iPad case you can sink with it to take underwater photos. Hugely useful if you want to cook following a recipe on the iPad or if you want to watch the football game without the risk of spilling a beer on it when your team scores. One of the indispensable summer gifts.